Berkhamstead Self Storage container

There are many reasons why you might need storage for a month, a year or more.  If you’re moving house, your new home may not be ready. If you’re renovating, you may need to store your belongings so your builders have space in which to work. You may have pieces of furniture that you just don’t want to get rid of.  Or you may be a business in need of a dry, secure place to store overflow stock or old archive files and documents.

  • Whatever the reason, we have the best facilities available at competitive prices and offer complete flexibility so you can move your possessions into and out of store with the minimum of fuss. You can bring your possessions in by car, van or truck right to the container door.
  • Our main storage facility is designed around standard 20 feet-long shipping containers – fully sealed, dry and secure units to which you supply the padlock and only you have access.  If you don’t have a heavy-duty padlock, we can supply one at a very reasonable price.
  • Offering daily access throughout the year, the site has a secure electric-gated entrance with individual key fob access, on-site security personnel conducting regular patrols, neighbouring offices in full view of the facilities and resident staff.

The longer you need the storage, the cheaper the monthly rate.